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******* Welcome to the United States UFO Information and Research Center's official website..... The United States UFO Information and Research Center strives to be the number one resource on the Internet for the latest information on UFO Sightings and Reports, UFO Pictures and UFO Photographs - offering the largest UFO Photo Gallery anywhere online and is sponsored by support from Appalachian GhostWalks Haunted Vacations Ghost and History Tours offering several different tours dearling with the haunted and strange aspects of our Universe..... Complete haunted vacations featuring Ghosts, UFOs, and the Legendary Cherokee Bigfoot - all in America's First Western Frontier!!!!! All tours operate year round and seven days a week nightly at sunset..... Guests may enjoy everything from a single tour experience through fully planned itineraries for complete family haunted vacations as well as SPOOK-tacular and ghostly weekend getaways..... Guests also receive discounts on select area accommodations as well as other area attractions such as whitewater rafting, gem mining, visits and tours through both haunted and historic caves and museums, and more..... Simply call (423) 743-WALK (9255) for further information and reservations..... One call does it all!!! Please visit our main website at for further information!!!!! *******
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******* Welcome to The United States UFO Information and Research Center - a UFO membership organization offering a fantastic UFO informational resource online bringing together the latest Sightings of unidentified flying objects as well as UFO Reports, UFO Pictures, UFO Images, and UFO Photographs creating the largest UFO Photo and UFO Image Galleries on the net from all around the world..... Appalachian GhostWalks offers Haunted Historic Virginia and Tennesseee Ghost Walks Ghost Tours and History Tours nightly in the towns of Jonesborough, Greeneville, Rogersville, Gatlinburg, Blountville, and Johnson City as well as Erwin, Dandridge, Morristown, Bristol, and Abingdon..... Appalachian GhostWalks offers Thirteen Smoky Mountain Historic Virginia and Tennessee Ghost Tours to include Haunted Civil War, Revolutionary War, Cherokee History, real Ghosts with true stories of personal encounters with the unexplained, documented ghost hunter research, and history that verifies our findings are we study the regions most historic and haunted places throughout the Appalachian and the Great Smoky Mountains. Appalachian GhostWalks offers Southwest Virginia Ghost Tours and East and Northeast Tennessee Ghost Tours which include the history, mystery, and legend of Southern Appalachia combining the real Haunted Tennessee and Haunted Virginia History as well as Authentic Virginia and Tennessee Ghost Stories.... We are the only full service tour company and tour provider in the world that currently offer fully planned Haunted Vacations which are Unique Family Vacations appropriate for children and adults alike..... See our Customer Feedback page to review past guest comments with regard to their own experiences with us and then come and see for yourself why our Northeast Tennessee Vacations and Southwest Virginia Vacations as well as our Tennessee Ghost Tours and Virginia Ghost Tours have been voted one of the Top Ten Ghost Tour Companies in America for the past several years and counting..... Haunted historic Virginia and Tennessee lantern-led ghost walks tours operate nightly year round with Cherokee, Civil and Revolutionary War History..... Discover Smoky Mountain Lantern lit Ghost and Haunted History Tours, Unique Family Vacations, Party Planning, Ghost Hunter Getaways, Ghost Hunting Classes, and Ghost Hunting Tours..... It's all waiting for you..... Join us for thirteen Smoky Mountain Historic Virginia and Tennessee Ghost Tours include Haunted Civil War, Revolutionary War, Cherokee History, Ghosts, and more..... Begin your Haunted Tennessee and Haunted Virginia Adventure by calling (423) 743-WALK (9255) for further information and reservations and start planning now for an unforgettable experience you'll treasure for a lifetime!!! In the words of some of our past guests.... "Appalachian GhostWalks is Humor and History, Emotion and Education... Absolutely Entertaining, Edifying, and Enchanting"!!!!! *******
What To Do If You See A
UFO, Bigfoot, or Ghost

Report A UFO, A Ghost, or Bigfoot Sighting
Performing as many of the following steps as possible
will make your report more scientifically valuable!

First, try and get another witness, or as many other witnesses as possible.

If you have a camera handy, take as many pictures as possible. Don't worry about getting the 'perfect' picture. Get as much background or foreground detail into the picture as possible as this may help establish size and distance.

Do not approach to closely. There are a number of cases on record where witnesses have suffered injuries from close contact with paranormal phenomena.

Immediately following your experience, note the time and make complete notes of everything you saw including all the details you can remember. Draw a picture of what you saw, if you can. Describe the appearance, color, motion and size of the object, creature, or apparition, as well as what you were thinking and feeling when you had the experience.

Don't forget to write down the names, addresses and phone numbers of other witnesses.

Do not share stories with the other witnesses until after you have spoken to a field investigator. There will be time for sharing stories later, but your "un-mixed"
account is important to serious scientific study.

If your experience involved a UFO which landed, touched the ground, or interacted with the environment in any way, do what you can to protect the area and take photographs to document it.

In the case of Bigfoot, aside from taking photographs, try not to disturb any footprints, or other evidence left behind by the creature until a qualified and experienced investigator can arrive on the scene to further document the incident.

What To Do If You See A UFO - or More
Report your experience as soon as possible. Click Here to report your sighting now. If you prefer to call in your report, the Center's UFO Sightings and Extraordinary Experience Hotline is (423) 743-9255.

Ghost Bigfoot UFO Paranormal Expeditions
Appalachian GhostWalks UFO ToursAppalachian GhostWalks invites you, your family and friends, or tour group to come and explore the mysteries of our mountain heritage. In addition to our many historic and authentically haunted hotspots, a variety of paranormal experiences and encounters have been documented throughout the mountainous regions of Southern Appalachia since February 1994.
The follow-up research and documentation of these unexplained and often astounding experiences were originally presented within the pages of "The American UFO Journal", later to become "The Alternate Realities Chronicles", both of which were orginial transcript publications of UFO sightings and other worldly encounters as reported to the center by way of the "UFO Sightings and Information Hotline" and The ARC's "Extraordinary Experience Case Submission and Documentation Form". The most interesting and well documented cases of unexplained aerial phenomena have now been correlated to present a world's first - The Appalachian UFO Close Encounters Expedition" TM. Designed to thrill and amaze believers and skeptics alike, the research and investigation of the many strange encounters our guests hear
about was performed by the cooperative efforts of the American Bigfoot and United States UFO Information and Research Centers as well as The ARC, or Alternate Realities Center. Your Appalachian GhostWalks' Mountain MysteriesTM Adventure Guide will weave together a chilling story of the first-hand, eye witness accounts and extraoridinary experiences within our mountain communities for a exciting, fun-filled family adventure.Appalachian GhostWalks' Bigfoot Tours

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The Alternate Realities Center
The ARC - Alternate Realities Center is a Christian based, not-for-profit organization founded in February of 1994 to study all manner of phenomena that are classified as "the fringe" by most branches of Science. Appalachian GhostWalks was created as a public awareness program of The ARC to reveal the wondrous and often haunting discoveries made at hundreds of Federal, State, and Local Historic Sites throughout our region. Thus, there is nothing false, fictitious, or made-up on any of our tours and vacations package productions - you'll always get REAL Tennessee and Virginia History and TRUE Smoky Mountain Ghost Stories! Through the indepth investigations (conducted before the first walk was ever presented at each location) and by way of the resulting tours which followed, the goal has always been to lend evidence in support of a belief to which so many of us cling. A faith suggestive that when our body stops working there is more which lies ahead for us all. We invite you to come and discover the amazing results of our investigations, in combination with the region's documented history - which actually verified our findings. Facts which will truly give you a spine-tingling feeling for who is haunting these locations and why they are here! Altogether, a positive reflection on the afterlife, appropriate for all ages, and proudly supporting Saint Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

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